BCARS Meeting Minutes - February 1st, 2024

BCARS Meeting Minutes - February 1st, 2024

February 1, 2024

A meeting of the Bedford County Amateur Radio Society was called to order at 1930 hours at Bedford American Legion by President Zachary Pepple and a quorum was declared.

In attendance were (12):

John KB3DFZ, Zach KC3KHK, Ellis KC3WMI, Steve KC3DNB, Kip N2XRE, Steve KA3UDR, Tony KC3QOD, Bernie W3DRW, Steve KE3ZT, Jay K3SCM, Gary KC3HKZ, and Linda.

Meeting Minutes were presented by John KB3DFZ. Motion to approve was made by KA3UDR and seconded by N2XRE.

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Steve KC3DNB. Steve discussed various checks received, checks issued and cash deposits. The ending balances are:

Account Ending Balance
Petty Cash $0.00
Checking Account $4,120.61
Savings Account $3,823.68
Total $7,944.29

A motion to approve was made by N2XRE, seconded by KE3ZT. Motion carried. The full treasurer’s report is on file.

Old Business

Winter Field Day was discussed. The Shawnee Lodge was a great location. BCARS members made 170 contacts for an initial total of 2,754 points. Final score will be available in March. BCARS has secured the lodge for next year’s Winter Field Day.

Equipment Insurance was discussed. The insurance agency sent an update that they are looking to find a way to continue offering insurance. BCARS will still need to produce a new inventory and get quotes from other providers in March.

New Business

Calendar Updates KB3DFZ went over the yearly calendar of events.

Summer Field Day Was discussed. W3DRW motioned that BCARS have it at the Schellsburg Pavilion again. Seconded by N2XRE, motion carried. KA3UDR will make arrangements.

July 4th Meeting The July meeting will not be held as it conflicts with Independence Day. Instead, July business will be discussed at Summer Field Day. Motioned by W3DRW, seconded by KA3UDR, motion carried.

Holiday Dinner is December 4th. KB3DFZ motioned that BCARS book Hoss’s Steakhouse again. Seconded by KE3ZT. Motion carried.

Club Picnic KA3UDR motioned that BCARS hold this at Merrit’s Pond Campground. Seconded by W3DRW, motion carried. Zach will make the arrangements.

Legion Recognition KB3DFZ discussed BCARS recognizing the Legion for all the support they provide the club. Several options were discussed.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2030 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Hogenmiller, KB3DFZ BCARS Secretary